How to Create a Home Office that Inspires Daily

A man sitting in front of his computer in a home office he created.

Working remotely may be one of the largest and most enduring post-pandemic changes created in our society. During 2020 and 2021, much of the workforce turned to their homes as their career headquarters and it became increasingly important for home offices to not only be functional but also inspiring. Considering the fact that employers have seen a rise in productivity and employees have enjoyed a newfound freedom since the home office trend spiked, it’s important to utilize that space to its fullest.

What Does Your Workday Look Like?

Are you someone who requires a lot of desk space for drawing or taking notes? Multiple computer monitors? Perhaps your job requires you to be near the kitchen as you taste test. Or, you need to be on the first floor near the front door so you can greet clients when they arrive. 

Whatever your workday looks like will determine not only the physical space you occupy but also how you fill that space. Once you determine this, you can then begin to plan or adjust what you already have to effectively align with your home office ideas. The new homes in Carson City, NV are equipped with the needs of the modern worker in mind.

Increase Creativity by Reducing Clutter

Learning how to create a home office with a prioritization on organization is one of the keys to success. A cluttered desk is a reminder of how much you have to do, and for many, ; this distraction can create mental anxiety which hinders inspiration and creativity. Choose a home office layout that is well-organized and efficient, with the addition of organizational tools that make it easy to access your important files and documents. Take five to ten minutes at the end of each day to straighten so you can walk in the next morning feeling refreshed.

Customize Your Office to Tailor to You

If you don’t enjoy spending time in your home office, consider what is missing. Customizing it will create an atmosphere of peace and calm so you will spend more time in it and naturally, be even more productive. Some elements you may want to consider when you create an office at home include:

  • Natural lighting. Do your shades or curtains hinder too much of the natural lighting? Trade thick and dark curtains and room- darkening shades for lighter, airier alternatives that let the sun filter in.
  • Family photos. Choose your favorites and arrange them singly along a mantel or wall or create a collage of happy family moments.
  • Direct and ambient lighting. What type of lighting do you need so you can see your work effectively? A banker’s lamp or desk light  is often sufficient and quite useful. You might also want to create comfortable mood lighting with table lamps and up lights behind plants for a peaceful work space.
  • Electric fireplace. Homes in Carson City often come with fireplaces but if your office space doesn’t have one, consider purchasing an electric one for the same effect. It will provide additional warmth and a cozy ambiance to keep productivity high during those winter days.

Maximize Privacy

If you aren’t able to utilize an extra room for your office space, you’ll want to maximize your privacy so you can get things done. Consider an area that is farthest away from most of the home foot traffic. If you are doubling up your home office with a guest bedroom, consider a Murphy or sofa bed so it can provide you with the space or a place to rest when guests aren’t visiting. 

A folding screen or room divider will help nicely in creating the visual distance between your workspace and living or dining room so you and others will be respectful of the two distinct spaces.

Let Nature Inspire You

Being in close proximity to natural elements reduces anxiety and promotes inspiration and clarity. This is why Zen rock gardens, waterfall elements, fireplaces, natural lighting, and plants make excellent additions to your home office space. When you are less anxious and stressed, you are bound to be more productive.

Allow Comfort In

While you want to remain on task during work hours, you can still allow a bit of comfort into your home office area with office furniture like an an oversized chair or lounge. Top it off with overstuffed pillows and a soft throw blanket for those moments when you need a coffee break and a moment to reflect.

In one of the beautiful available homes at Little Lane in Carson City, you can customize your home office as an extension of yourself and your personal and work needs. Stay productive and inspired all year long by adding some of these elements.