Bates Home Signature: Embracing Abundant Windows for Cozy Living


Searching for a new home means fantasizing about all of the amenities we desire. A two or three- car garage, perhaps, a second- story loft, plenty of space to entertain, or even an ensuite owner’s bedroom. Based on personality and lifestyle, everyone has their own priorities. And of all of the amenities available, one of the most desirable for home shoppers is an essential Bates Home Signature Style Feature: Plenty of Windows.

Lots of Windows; Lots of Sunlight

By maximizing the available natural light, you allow the outdoors to enter in, and whether it’s full- on sunlight or muted daylight, the effects have an enormously positive impact on both physical and mental well-being. 

With strategic daylighting, the need for artificial lighting is drastically reduced. It can greatly reduce electricity use and cut costs by up to 50% while improving the residents’ moods and the overall tranquil feel inside of the home.

Bringing the Outdoors In

With an open- concept home and an emphasis on banks of energy-efficient windows, outdoor light can filter in naturally. And with a tendency for homeowners to desire more glass and lighter colors in their homes, the light is able to gently illuminate rooms in a way that artificial lighting never could. 

Plants thrive in homes with many large windows. There is enough space for them to grow and unfettered sunlight and oxygenation create a healthy environment for both the plants and the family. Plants purify the air and create an aura of welcome and elegance within the home.

Elegant Energy Efficiency

Every homeowner loves the idea of cutting utility costs, and when they can rely on large, energy- efficient windows all year round to serve as insulators of their home, lower utility bills are the result. The indoor, ambient temperature is regulated by passive solar energy that freely flows in. 

Windows Make a Beautiful Home

Larger, more plentiful placement of windows in a home gives it a luxurious feel and look, creating significant curbside appeal while also making rooms inside the home appear even larger. And, with views of the outdoors in abundance, natural décor is enhanced. The Bates Homes for sale in Carson City NV are graced with lots of windows that make each home unique and beautiful.  

Fresh Air Circulation

Indoor air quality is a big concern for homeowners. Air purifiers are often purchased to decrease allergens and generally improve the quality of the air that the family breathes. Lots of windows in a home increase the amount of oxygen that is regularly circulated throughout, naturally improving the air quality. Fresh air has been attributed to improving blood pressure, heart rate, and even strengthening the immune system. It helps to cleanse the lungs and improves mental health and well-being. 

Increased Resale Value

Because it is a priority on almost every home shopper’s list, lots of large windows in a home help with the home’s resale value. This makes it an exceptional investment when purchasing a home, as well.

When considering your future home, you’re sure to have many amenities and aspects in mind. Spectacular windows, a Bates Home Signature Style Feature, is an element that delivers beauty, wellness, and energy efficiency to take you and your family well into the future. At Little Lane in Carson City, you will find thoughtfully designed homes with Bates Homes Signature Style throughout.