Why Moving into a Brand New Home is a Great Way to Start Retirement

You’ve worked your entire life to reach the point of retirement. Waking each day to savor every moment as your own, just the way you like. Retirement is a milestone that deserves respect and an inspired outlook. Moving into a brand new home is a great way to start your retirement because it represents a brand new you and your enthusiasm for the future. 

Settling Elsewhere

You’ve raised your children in your current home and have likely stayed in the same geographical area for some time. Children are keen on moving away, making a name for themselves in far-off places. It’s possible, as empty nesters, that not only is your nest empty – but so is the entire tree.

Isn’t it time you set up base camp in a city that truly moves you? A place that offers the feel of a family-friendly neighborhood while supporting a spectrum of recreational activities that align with your enthusiasm and abilities? The new homes in Carson Valley Nevada are residences designed with your amenity wish list in mind. The Sierra Nevada Mountain range, practically in your own backyard, offers stunning views and vistas that are unparalleled both on a screen or in your imagination.

The Benefits of a New Home

While at first blush it may feel difficult to move away from the family home, with its memories and high levels of familiarity and comfort, a new home offers a wide variety of benefits.

  • Everything is new. Bright and shiny like a new penny; new homes are a great place to start your new life in retirement because everything about them is also new. This means no painting, no redecorating, and no remodeling. When you buy new, you get exactly what you want.
  • The perfect opportunity to declutter. It’s a fact that people tend to fill their homes with “stuff” regardless of its size. Moving to a new home offers a great opportunity to purge what you don’t need, don’t use, and don’t want. Taking it to the Goodwill store, having a yard sale, or donating it to strangers or family will pare down items that can psychologically weigh you down.
  • Make brand new friends. There’s nothing saying you have to give up your old friends. That’s why planes make their way to every corner of the globe! However, there really is nothing like meeting new people and making new friends to share new hobbies and make new, exciting memories.
  • The excitement. Perspective is everything, and if you look at the time period before you in terms of being laborious or tedious, that is what you will find them to be. However, if you look at selling your home and finding a new one with a sense of excitement and adventure, you won’t be disappointed.
  • New adventures. Why waste your time on a home that needs remodeling and all types of renovations when there are new adventures to be had? Instead of time spent knocking down walls, painting, or fumbling around with fixtures, you could be exploring the wilderness, gauging the social temperature at the local coffee shops, or choosing new favorite dishes at niche restaurants.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Life can become stale when we live it in one place for too long. Days can become blurred and the setting becomes invisible. Moving to a new location to a new home affords us a new viewpoint, a brand new chance to make the most of every day whether we spend it inside or out. And, isn’t that what retirement should look like?

  • New homes are built to last, you won’t have to worry about monthly maintenance costs as much as you would in an older home.
  • Energy efficiency is a priority in new homes, whereas in older homes that isn’t always the case. So, when you put your money into a new home you know you’re getting all-new insulated walls, windows, ceilings, and floors.
  • Newer homes come with modern-day safety as they must be completely up to date with city codes and regulations. This can also translate into potentially lower insurance costs and possibly higher resale value.
  • New homes tend to be more spacious and have more fluid living plans, making it easier and more comfortable for when the family comes to visit and overall daily living.

Moving into a new home upon retirement is a great way to mark the first day of the rest of your life. With little to no renovations necessary, modest upkeep and maintenance, and a number of spacious floor plans to choose from, the honey-do list won’t be filled with tiresome home projects but rather an enlightened, “What would you like to do today?”