Ready to Retire? 8 Compelling Reasons to Call Carson City Home

A lovely furnished kitchen located within a Little Lane home near Reno, NV

Are you ready to retire, but not settle down? Choosing a place to live happily, comfortably, and surrounded by recreation every day of the year is of the utmost importance.

Consider Carson City, Nevada when choosing a place to retire. Carson City was named the best city in Nevada to retire by Insurify in 2021 based on actual data analysis. 

But, if that title alone isn’t convincing enough, here are eight compelling reasons why you should retire in Carson City, in a brand new Bates Home at Little Lane Carson.

Take some time to View our stunning residences and picture yourself living out your retirement in one of our homes. There’s no better place to own a home than in Carson City.

Eight Reasons to Buy a Home and Settle in Carson City for Retirement

  1. A Gorgeous Little Lane Carson Home is New and Ready For You

Bates Homes at Little Lane are sophisticated, easily maintained, and have been thoughtfully designed. With four crafty floor plans to choose from, you’re sure to find an ideal layout with all the space you want. 

Every floor plan features multiple bedrooms and thoughtful touches like open living spaces, appealing designs, and only the highest quality materials.. These homes are guaranteed to feature modern amenities and layouts so you don’t have to settle for an older and outdated home that might require repairs.  

  1. A New Home Means No Renovations or Repairs

Speaking of repairs, Bates Homes at Little Lane Carson have been designed with lifestyle and comfort in mind. When you move into one of these homes, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they are built well and are brand new with no wear and tear.

Keep things simple, and start your retirement off right with a brand new home already built to your liking. When you buy new, you are able to add personal touches to your decor without feeling like your home needs major changes to suit your style.

  1. Location, Location, Location

Carson City is located in beautiful NorthWestern Nevada. It sits just east of Lake Tahoe and roughly 35 minutes south of Reno. The hustle and bustle of bigger cities are easy to access, but you can maintain your peace and quiet by choosing to live in Carson City. 

Not only is the Carson City location ideal for retirement but so is the location of Little Lane Carson. These new homes are not only close to local shops and restaurants but also allow residents to experience all the natural beauty that Western Nevada has to offer.

  1. Those Views!

Carson City is picturesque around town and the surrounding areas.

In town, 19th-century, historical buildings are well-maintained and bring a quaint flair to the area. You’ll appreciate all of the beautiful, historic buildings as you make your way into town.

The surrounding area is beautiful for a different reason–nature’s views! In the winter, you’ll see snow-capped mountains and gorgeous blue skies. You’ll also love seeing the local wild horses grazing peacefully, a view that not many towns have to offer. 

  1. A Mild Climate

Compared to some of Nevada’s other well-known cities like Las Vegas, Carson City maintains a comfortable climate. You’ll still get seasons without extreme summer and winter temperatures. There’s nothing better than getting to see the snow when you want to, without the hassle of shoveling or going for a swim in any of the several surrounding lakes when temperatures start to rise.

  1. Cost of Living

According to BestPlaces, the cost of living is only slightly higher than the national average. If you are moving from a more expensive place, you’ll definitely find your money gets you a lot more in Carson City.

Additionally, when you choose to buy a new home at Little Lane in Carson City, you will likely save some money in certain areas of homeownership.

Little Lane homes are energy-efficient, making sure that you get the most for your money when it comes to powering your home. You’ll also find that because these homes are new and up to modern building standards, your insurance is likely not as expensive if you were to settle down in an older home.

  1. Close Airport Location

One of the many benefits of retirement is having more free time. Having more free time opens up the potential for more travel and family gatherings that seemed unimaginable while you were working full-time. 

If traveling is on your list of retirement must-dos, you’ll love the proximity Little Lane Carson homes have to the Reno- Tahoe Airport. Additionally, the location of the airport makes it ideal and easy for your family to come to visit you in your beautiful new home.

Imagine the ease of hosting a holiday family gathering when you live so close to an airport.

  1. So Much to Do

If you’re someone that loves spending time in nature, you should definitely consider viewing homes for sale in Carson City, NV, and retiring there. You are not far from hiking, biking, skiing, or water activities at stunning Lake Tahoe.

On top of all of the outdoor activities, Carson City fosters an active community life with many events like Taste of Downtown, music and cultural festivals, and a local farmers market. There is always something interesting and exciting to do in Carson City, and much of it can be found within very close proximity to the new homes at Little Lane.  

Gorgeous Homes for Sale in Carson City, NV with Little Lane Carson

Now that you’re ready to make the move to retire to Carson City, visit the Little Lane Carson website to view the single-family home floor plans available. These gorgeous floor plans are ready for you to live out your days in comfort and style in Nevada’s capital city.